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 I would be dead without the internet.

Gabriel, my husband, would tell you I'm totally telling the truth. 


My parents are from Poland (hello generation gap) and they divorced when I was very young. I spent my early childhood living with my grandparents (can you say an even bigger generational gap!?) until I moved back with my then single dad as a teen in junior high and then moved out on my own when I was 18 after a disagreement that changed everything so much things could never go back to how they were.  My mom has not been in the picture for a very long time but that is story for a different day.

So why am I telling you this? What does it have ANYTHING to do with my opening statement about the internet or this blog? Aneta, you looney tune, you're totally making no sense here. 


What it essentially comes down to is because of the complicated relationship I had with my family and moving out so young- I did not have the guidance, advice, support, or help that I saw my friends have growing up. No one ever taught me how to do my taxes, apply for a job, cook, grocery shop, book doctor appointments, pick out health insurance, etc- I had to figure it out on my own if I wanted to become somewhat of a successful human being.


I cant even imagine who I would be if I didn't "break away" from home and pave my own path. At times it was very tiring and extremely exhausting trying to navigate “life” and I kept seeing the people around me do the same by just calling their parents for help. I was envious, sad, and angry all at once for not having that kind of a special bond and relationship, one filled with so much love and acceptance- but there is no need for a pity party- I quickly came to realize I could sit there and cry and wallow and blame my failures on everything and everyone around me, my situation, my lack of support, all the external circumstances, the list could go on and on- or I could take control and do something about it and become the person I dreamed of. My success, happiness, achievements had nothing to do with anyone but ME and only I was in control of that.


So I did everything I could to become that person by the only way I could think of.


How? Well see... this is where the first line about the internet comes in and things start to connect.


Through researching and reading and asking questions about absolutely everything to find the knowledge and information I needed to help me make decisions, and hopefully make the right ones. I read blogs about other peoples experiences to things I was interested in or needed help, Googling like a lunatic, and Facebook topic specific groups. Thanks to those three outlets,  Ive been raised by some of the most amazing strangers on the internet and if it wasn’t for them I truly cant even begin to imagine how different my life would be. That's why I laugh I would total be dead- these strangers have pulled me from my most confused and lost times and gave me tools and advice I was able to apply in my own life to become who I am now. 

There is so much negativity that hides behind the other end of the screen online but what about the good things we dont talk enough about? The Facebook topic specific groups I have joined have opened my eyes to resources, advice, and friendships I could have never imagined could exist...with total strangers on the internet. When I was starting my condo renovation project, Sam from California in an interior design group gave me so many ideas make the process go quicker and save me a ton of money. When I decided to join a virtual running marathon from one end of the US to the other, Ken from Florida messaged me and gave tips how to be a successful runner and has turned into my biggest cheerleader- happy to report I am halfway done! Dana from my Trader Joes recipe group has absolutely transformed my life in the kitchen and I've gained a new best friend in the process. When I needed support for and issue in my marriage, Tara from New York in my spouses connection group gave me advice that has altered my marriage in the best way and has helped me become a more understanding person. And these are just a few. I really wish more people knew these kinds of groups existed- but seriously, think of something, type it in- it probably exists and don't be afraid to connect, you never know who you could help or meet.  


Go out there and meet new people (real or online) put yourself out of your comfort zone, travel any chance you can get, help those around you and keep your chin up and stand tall, stand up taller after you fall, always get up. Take advice, give advice, get inspired, inspire and utilize the resources around you- after all life doesn’t come with a handbook. That’s why I started this blog- to connect with others and learn from their experiences and share my own. I hope through my posts sharing my adventures, experiences, trials and errors, victories and defeats, someone else will be able to take something away as I have done so time and time again. Technology and the internet are cool- but the people behind it? Now that's something special.


In my blog here, I promise to never "change myself” or to fake my life in my posts. I'm often embarrassing, you'll find I "overshare", and I'll always be straightforward with how much I paid for something (because half the time I wish people would! Do you know how much easier is it to plan a vacay when you have an actual idea how much you'll be spending?) I not an "influencer blogger" or pretend I know it all, I’m just a girl who is 25 with big dreams and an attitude the world is a glass half full and I want to share what I have learned in a way I know how. I use an iPhone XS and a GoPro 6 and a Sony RX 10 iv o take pictures and yes, I’ll admit right now I will be totally guilty of arranging things "aesthetically" for photos but I promise  I'll never pretend to be someone I'm not just for the sake of a post. I'm just your "everyday girl”trying to figure this life out and unfortunately it didn’t come with a handbook-- or at least I didn't get one.


So buckle up and join me on my ride, I'm not going anywhere! (and partially because I paid upfront for a one year premium membership so we are *literally* stuck here) ​

Don’t take anything too seriously- I hope you stay and laugh, learn, and connect with me. 

Happy Exploring!







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