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So glad you have found my page! 

My name is Aneta, I’m 25. I’ve been married since 2014 to my husband Gabriel, he’s 28, (who I often will refer to in my posts as “G”) He makes me absolutely insane, but I couldn’t imagine my life without him 

I work full time as a career “Mary Poppins” for an awesome family and you may hear me refer to posts to my kids, C + J (no names for privacy reasons). C is 2 and J is 5 and they are the loves of my life and teach and inspire me endlessly everyday. 

My first job in high school was working at Nordstrom for the online sales team (which started my obsession with clothing and brand names! Thank you Nordstrom for ruining me for life!) Then I worked as an NCT at a hospital (basically a blood drawing CNA) and thought I had my career life figured out at 18- I was going to be a nurse. I was enrolled in prerequisite classes for nursing, but working overnight at the hospital took its toll on me and I decided it would be best to look 

for a career in a different field (thank you to all the nurses though who do what you do! Its

so tough!) I then applied to work as a dentist assistant, but I passed out on a patient during

a teeth extraction procedure on my first day and was quickly transferred to work the front

desk in medical billing and scheduling appointments. This is where I met my husband! He

was a patient- I was new and screwing up the monthly promotions and once he caught my

mistake (meaning, how much money I saved him!) He called the office back asking me out

and since that day, we’ve never been apart. I look at it at the best mistake of my life. I

soon came to the realization I wasn’t any good with teeth or coding so I graduated with my

Associates degree and decided I needed a break to figure things out. I was living on my own and still needed an income so I turned to nannying as a “placeholder” job… well I must be doing something right because 5 years later I am still here and loving (almost) every minute of it. My kids are getting big and I dread the day they’ll be too big to need me, so I finished a brokers course and will be enrolling to get my Property Managers certification soon! I cant wait to see whats in store! 

Since this blog isn’t all about me (well it kind of is… but G is here too!) He used to be a contractor (which is how many of my Pinterest ideas get to come to life!) but now works as a CNC operator. He was born in Poland and came here when he was 17. And oh- he is a total mama's boy but I am doing my best to whip him in shape and so far I've done quite well (even though as mentioned, he makes me absolutely crazy a solid 96.82% of the time- Also it is important to note he looks eternally pissed- he's got a pretty bad resting bitch face but don't worry he's happy on the inside and that's what counts right?)

We live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago in a condo we bought when I was 22. We gutted the entire place and have worked so hard to make it “ours” and a place we can comfortably call “home” even though it took a long time and many tears and arguments along the way- we are done and are SO happy!!

We have no pets (no doggos allowed here and of course he's allergic to cats) and no kids, nor do we plan to ever have kids! We did have a Beta fish named Bob I rescued from work- but he's gone now up to heaven. So I guess I used to be a fish mom, but now I'm nobodys Momma.

Okay, so enough with the introductions!

So why am I blogging? 

I love to look back on things all the time- photos, memories, and so on and thought this would be a good way to organize my thoughts on the go so if I ever needed to- I could just find the post or picture I needed. 

I dont claim to have the best advice, or really even claim to know what I’m talking about to begin with. Im not some guru, master, or leader (though hey how cool would that be?!) but I spend a heck a lot of my time reading and learning from books, articles, others, travel and the world around me and I’m hoping by offering my own experiences and stories I can help someone else. 

This blog is called With Love, The Everyday Girl because I want people to be able to relate. 

Im no Oprah or Gwenth Paltrow, so my life is actually affordable *haha* (sorry Gwen no advice for $300/ bottle serums here!) I love Tjmaxx’s and Homegoods, consignment shoppes, thrift stores, couponing, sales, and the occasional DIY’s. Im not saying I haven’t been known to splurge on some pretty questionable stuff (ahem $400 toilet paper and towel handles for my bathroom or the newest Dyson curler, don't even ask what I paid for my bed- we take our sleep VERY seriously!) but overall my goal is to take it all one day at a time while seeing, doing, experiencing the most of life’s beautiful offerings. Content here is real. Photos are real. Experiences are real- hence being your everyday kind of girl who talks about everyday kind of things- cooking, renovation, interior design, life hacks, and every possible thing in between.

Simple enough, eh?

If this appeals to you-  I hope it does- well than it looks like you landed in the right place and I am so glad you are here.

For real, I really hope we learn something from each other along the way.

Talk to me, tell me things, comment, ask questions, give me advice! I love that so much! This world is too big and too awesome not to learn from people you meet. 

So with that… happy exploring!

With Love, 


The Everyday Girl


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