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Acai Bowls - trader joes version

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

All I wanted this morning was an Acai bowl like I had back in Tulum, MX. There are a few smoothie places near my house that create these beautiful bowls but they run between $8-$12 a bowl and I figured there had to be a way to bring down the price per serving. Recently, I had a lot of Time to wander aimlessly down the isles at my local Trader Joe's and found all the fun toppings I had when I was on vacation right near the cereal/ granola section and was surprised by how cheap they were! Acai packets can be found in freezer section.

I mixed the Acai packet, half of a can of coconut milk I had left over, frozen bananas, honey, and a few cubes of ice so it wasn’t so watery so my fruit wouldn’t fall in when placed on top. You definitely have to work quick as it does start to thaw when you pour your smoothie in the bowl.

Add whatver fruits or toppings of your choice

I also have been making overnight oatmeal cups- rolled traditional oats (not steel and not quick) then layering fruit combos on top, seeds occasionally and before I go to bed pouring almond milk into half the cup and letting them soak overnight. They are so fast and perfect to grab and go my favorite has been peeled pear with cinnamon.

There’s a ton of ways to make this bowl so I’m curious to hear what you do!

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