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Christmas party ready!

A friend of mine was hosting her annual Christmas party and I love any occasion I can get to dress up since I dress down/ comfy to work with the kids. Today paired a dress given to my by Elicia when I was helping her move- I still can't believe she was about to toss this gem out!! My only warning post pictures was to ask someone to "watch your lines" if you wear a pattern this bold- when they don't lay straight- they don't give off very flattering angles.

I have an extremely "fat calf" and end up having a very hard time finding boots I can actually zip over my legs- imagine my surprise when I found these at Express for $69! Speaking of fat calves- I ADORE Hunter boots but can't fit into the regular sizes- the only ones that have worked for me have been the "Huntress" style- due to the wide leg opening- you'll love them! and they are so easy to transition into a winter boot with the hunter fleece socks!

I'm in a love/ hate relationship with my Dyson Air Wrap Complete Styler but I have to say- I think today everything worked out pretty well!

I LOVE costume jewelry- Gabriel has bought me so many expensive pieces over the years and gets really mad I don't wear them, but I absolutely love my cheap statement necklaces! I hate wearing the same thing over and over and no one is this family is about to drop serious dough on statement necklaces - so costume is where it's at- though I do wear a ruby/ diamond heart necklace from Effy which is my absolute favorite brand- some of their pieces have reduced me to tears because they are made so beautifully- but on the daily I wear this one, which G repurposed with during our cruise in Curacao with so it's EXTRA special to me and I love its "wide" shape! While mine is not made anymore- it looks like its been replace with this one on their site, except in gold- similar price point my silver one was bought in. There sale "final call" section is unbelievable as well- always worth checking out too!

I hope everyone had a beautiful and blessed Christmas holiday!

With love,

The Everyday Girl

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