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Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

“For better or worse, in sickness and in health”

Some days marriage is 50/50 others its 70/30- heck sometimes its 90/10. There’s no way to predict who will carry the load- thats life and marriage and you do your best. Its been a wild ride so far- marriage is the most difficult thing I’ve committed to but its been the best blessing and gift I’ve been given. This adventure is so much sweeter when shared with your best friend, lover partner, travel buddy, soulmate.

My love- I can’t even begin to fathom how much we have grown not only as individuals, but as a couple, and in our love the last 4 years - all we have accomplished, all we have traveled, all we worked for, all we have, and all we have done- the good and the difficult- we are blessed beyond measures.

Just when I think I have reached “the capacity”in my love for you- it grows bigger and bigger- you give me the feelings of birthdays and Christmas, first crushes, surprise parties, falling into a freshly made bed, a sweet sip of wine, and a first kiss- all in one. We absolutely have our fights, our disagreements- but through it all I’m so glad it’s you that’s by my side. It always makes me laugh when you’re across the room when we are out and I glance at you and think “that’s MY hubs- how lucky am I? 😍🥰”

I’m so thankful for you- heres a cheers to a 100 more years of togetherness -through the best, worst, and most normal moments of life. I love you so incredibly much Gabriel. Happy 4th anniversary- life just keeps getting better and better with you by my side.

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