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What on earth are you doing blogging?

Good question, I have no idea.

Well, actually I do.

My therapist said I needed a hobby- so here I am, here's my new hobby.

Just kidding.

Well, kind of.

Not about the therapist- she's a real lady.

The hobby.

(kind of)

I always thought blogging was something really cool- remember using Tumblr as a kid? I thought I was a "blogger" then- reposting images and writing small snippets. But I also thought you had to be an "actual" writer to be a "real" blogger on an upscale platform and have thousands of people following you- turns out I was wrong. Anyone can be a blogger.

I was inspired by two ladies I know personally- both VERY incredible women-- and seeing their work encouraged me to look into actually starting my own. I absolutely love reading their words on their beautifully created pages and living vicariously though their adventures as well as reading their tips/ suggestions and scrolling through photos of the world from their perspective. Their play on words and story telling abilities transport me to a place I look forward to reading their upcoming posts. Magda Szala does such a fun job of taking you to hidden gems to try out in the cities she visits and Pauline Kulka is just an unbelievably smart, witty, and can we say gorgeous (x100!!) force that will make you want to book the next plane ticket out of here. Both love to travel and couldn't do a better job of telling their stories and making you wish you were right there along side of them!

If you have something you have to share, to teach, to show- chances are there is someone out there who would like to read your work. I myself personally follow and use recipes, and tips, and DIY help off of blogs I follow and it always surprised me when someone asks me "how did YOU do that" or "do you YOU have any advice for me?" I don't see myself as an "influencer" and gee, I really hope you're not here for beauty content because I put my eyeshadow on with my finger (and I'm not joking) but it's always so nice to feel like you made an impact on someone else's life with something you created- even if its for a second -with a picture, a phrase, a tip. You've seen me say it in my intro, it's amazing how much we can learn from others.

I am a person who has about 867 ideas running through my head at any given moment and I need a place to come to a "base" and organize them. I have tried journaling- it wasn't successful, plus how can you share something with others (hello photos on instagram!) and receive feedback without turning to a public forum? I'd call myself a pretty open book, Im careful with my privacy but overall I'd say I'm more forward, transparent, and often lack a filter (people usually like me or hate me- theres often no in between I've been told my honesty can be a little off-putting) as compared to other people. G thinks I let the world know too much- so does a certain family member of mine- and I thought I might cause an onset of a heart attack if she found out I was doing this.... but I disagree. I like to talk... a lot- but not everyone likes to hear me go on and on so I thought this might be a good outlet (home base!) to organize things floating around in my head with a proper beginning, middle and end. It gives me a chance to interact with others, and I stay brushed up on my English and writing skills and get to share all the photos I want without annoying anyone to my heart's content because it is MY platform. Win- win, no?

I love looking back on photos and posts on other social media sites- its like taking a walk down memory lane, I thought this might fall along the same lines- with more details.

I don't have a linear vision of direction for this blog- what will be will be. If you're here to stop by for a post, or a a long term subscription- I hope you laugh a little and take something from my words. I want to thank you enough for your support in advance, and I hope to see you active and interactive on my pages.


With love,

The Everyday Girl


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