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When life gives you lemons, pray they are LULULEMONS

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

I love dressing up-- let me fix that thought... I like the IDEA of dressing up. I have Pinterest boards of outfit of the day inspo ready to go. But when it actually gets time to put myself together, I'd say it's a bit of a struggle.

In my teens and early twenties and bachelorette days, I had outfits galore of booty dresses, short skirts, and 5 inch heels ready to go at any given moment. Now in my mid twenties (do I get to call them late already? Because sure feels like it) being a wife, and not as "skinny mini" as I used to- have thrown their own challenges into finding outfits I feel comfortable in (funny how hard is is to justify "beauty is pain at this age") but still feel like I retain my sense of identity.

I work as a nanny with younger children and my work wardrobe consist of leggings and clothes I don't mind being "trashed" (have you ever tried to paint or cook with a 2 year old?) The clothes I wear dont require much thought or effort, nor am I forced to "keep up with the times" in style trends.

When its time to go out, I see myself reaching for clothes that scream comfort rather than statement or style. When I was 18 I spent hours in the mirror putting together the perfect ensemble - now if it takes longer than 5 minutes to get out the door I start rethinking if going out is worth it.

But when did this happen? How did I transition from caring to being border line obsessed with every outfit I put on to being thankful I was wearing matching shoes?

Marriage. Becoming a wife happened. And Lord, we don't even have kids!

When G and I were dating, every outfit was meticulously thought through- compliments galore, duh! But after we got hitched and moved in together, we were seeing each other on the daily. His compliments stopped and I stopped. Why should I put in the effort if I wasn't trying to impress anyone, you know? I have a ring on my finger- I no longer cared about being in the spotlight of a room- I had my person, my attention was 100% focused on someone and I wanted to stop drawing attention to myself. We stopped going out, we were too busy and too tired with the construction of our condo. I wasn't going out with friends- I was needed at home- sanding, caulking, painting- and not a single one of those activities required the help of 5 inch heels.

I got bigger (sideways- still remained a solid 5'1'' in height) I truly lost myself. We were eating like crap because our kitchen consisted of a microwave in our bathroom or we were forced to order out. There is no "me time" to get your hair or nails done when you have huge holes in your wall- you sacrifice. And after we were done, I had scarified so much I forgot what it was like to pay attention to yourself until I caught a glimpse of the person I became in a photo and knew I needed to make changes,

First step was a hair appointment to cut off the damage that was done, I got the "wife chop" that every married woman goes through at least once in her life. And I started taking other steps to better myself. I realized that self care wasn't for everyone around me- it was for ME! I didn't need my husband's, or anyone else's approval, in order to feel good about myself- that had to come from within and somewhere along the lines I rediscovered that.

I started looking for clothes that made me feel comfortable, weren't as tight and something I felt would still portray "me" (hello bright colors!)

With trial and error I feel like I finally transitioned well into my "adult" wardrobe while still retaining the colors and personality of my clothes from my youth but in a way comfort became the most important. I felt like I was becoming "Aneta" again- not just someone's wife, or nanny, or caretaker.

So then I started thinking- who said Lululemon is only meant to work out in!?

I figured I love my Lulu so much for everyday running around in- why can't I transition it in to going out wear? and TA-DA! You CAN!

Posted my outfit above from the time G and I went to a dinner and then the Blue Man Group show in one of my Lululemon style groups only to have a girl attack me whats the point of buying Lulu if you wont sweat in it? Now here's one thing I learned in my adult life- you DONT engage in negativity. It will bring you down, and there's no reason to be nasty behind a computer screen- there's a real person with real feelings sitting there and in this world, we need more positive. I typed back to her "because I like it! The colors and patterns are fun! It’s a million times comfier to go out in yoga pants dressed up than jeans! I love lulu! I typically wear it to work and errands but just don’t like wearing it to gym 🤷🏼‍♀️ each it’s own right? Figured I’d post the way I wear it on the styling page, that’s all 😁 I love getting ideas from everyone"

And had the kindest girls come to my "defense" -- In life you learn you can't be everyone's cup of tea- so you just do you honey.

Styled above are my Joe's Jeans 'Odam' pumps I found for $43 brand new at a consignment store - I have seen a few of them float around at the Bloomingdale outlets since then but your best bet would be Poshmark or other resale sites- though I will admit this is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE shoe in my entire closet- between the color, the canvas material, and then sling back style they are so comfortable and I had no problem marching up and down the city during our date. The aren't too tall nor too small but the perfect height for a little "oomph!"

My pants are Aligns, I live for anything that sucks my stomach in with a good solid waistband. I have to get the cropped version of anything or I have to get it tailored or roll my pant legs since I'm so short so these were at 25'' vs the standard 28''- size 10

The top is a Jericho V in a pop orange color and I wear a size 10. It's such an easy shirt to transition due to the light material and the style (high front to lower back) so I feel super comfortable and not like my butt is hanging out. I got this at the Lululemon Outlet and really wish I picked up more colors when I was there!

My pave crystal hoop earrings are Nadri I found at the Bloomingdales outlet- the ones in link provided are similar except mine have a clasp to click to close vs a post back. When it comes to jewelry and taking a step up from costume and a step back from designer- Nadri is my go to, so beautiful and classy and elegant- and affordable! You can always find on sale at the N. Rack or B. Outlet!

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